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Blount 7th Grade History Text Prostelites Islam

Sam Duck founder of the Blount County Tax Revolt distinguished himself trying to bring the light of
truth, knowledge and reason to Blount County elected officials in the City of Maryville and County
School Districts respectively as his email and attachments are reprinted below with permission. 

I personally went to the University of Tennessee several times in 2013 and reviewed prospective textbooks.  I was one of at least 30 people across the state that did the same thing.  We worked together and compiled a comprehensive review of our textbooks.  I personally communicated my findings to the city of Maryville schools where my children attend.  To my knowledge, the city of Maryville did listen to my warnings, and avoided purchasing questionable books.  While, I admit, I spent the bulk of my time talking to the city of Maryville, I did also talk to Blount County.  I spoke to Mr. McNelly while I was talking to voters at the court house, and later I sent him this information.  As far as I'm concerned, it was a very good conversation.  We took the approach that, while we may disagree on some issues, this is one we both considered important.  I know this was not the only communication I had with the Blount County School system, but this is the only one I have a paper trail for.  I called Ms. Archer, and I confirmed, she sent a USPS letter to Mr. Britt regarding this issue as well.  The very book Mr. McDaniel has brought to our attention was on the list of books we reviewed.  Here is a link of our analysis of the book.  This was available November 2013.
There are several things you need to find out from our school board and director?
When was the book purchased?
Did you read the book before purchasing it?
Did you seek any reviews of the book before making a purchase?
Did Mr. McNelly pass my email along to others?
Even if they claim they didn't know about our analysis of the book before hand, there should have been some due diligence.  As part of my own campaign for school board, I brought up this lack of diligence by Maryville school board members when it comes to classroom material.  It is very frustrating when I, as a parent and father, spend far more time pursuing these matters than our elected officials.  I'm just thankful, to the best of my knowledge, Maryville's officials listened.  Even if we don't see eye to eye on a number of issues, I am personally thankful, on this particular issue, Maryville's officials listened.  We see the consequences of ignoring the public in the county.  I know this information was public in other venues.  1470AM interviewed members of a church group, who also traveled to UT to review books.  Their effort was separate from my own efforts.  I know this is true, because I listened to the interview on the radio.  I say all this, because I don't consider it plausible, our elected officials did not know about this material before this issue became public.

Samuel David Duck

Dear Director Britt,

As one responsible for the education and well-being of the thousands of children of Blount County, we know you will want to avail yourself of every tool and option that may enhance the implementation of those duties.
Toward the end of last year the TNDOE sent you a letter informing you of the approval of a list of Social Studies textbooks up for adoption for classrooms starting in the fall of 2014 through 2020. In that inconspicuous letter was a statement informing you of the options available to each district in the adoption process and a link accessing reviews completed by citizens and other experts from across Tennessee. Unfortunately that link took you to a very disorganized and incomplete collection of scanned reviews that were difficult to read and woefully disordered.

We have chosen to make this communication bold and bright to get your attention on this extremely important matter. We have learned that many districts were unaware of the details mentioned herein. We can only assume that the one inconspicuous letter from the TNDOE was overlooked. We want to make sure this message is not overlooked!

We are the Tennessee Textbook Advocates, a grassroots group that grew from two to two hundred in the course of this Social Studies textbook selection process; from June, 2013 to present. We want to help.
Our technicians have organized all of the reviews, good to not-so-good, on our website. We invite you to go to TEXTBOOKADVOCATES.COM where you and your curriculum specialists can access every review for every book that was posted in a user-friendly, well-organized format.

Another important offering is this short video: which will convey to you, in unambiguous words from the mouths of TNDOE officials, just exactly what your Blount County School District options are. In less than 5 minutes you will understand that you have choices!

In the very near future you will be contacted by Samuel Duck, one of our members in your county. He will ask for an appointment to convey material for your Director of Curriculum and your teacher-reviewers. I do hope you will accommodate him as early as possible. I understand selections must be made by mid-April.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

Your humble Tennessee Textbook Advocates,

Jackie Archer, Lisa Moore, Bruce Avilla, Sue Redmond, and our many members.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015



This is Freida for Truth Radio news wanting to remind you that self government
is controlled by those who get involved and the people who tell you that you can't
fight city hall are profiting from your believing that lie. Tell other about Truth Radio
and come by and get your FREE 6 inch truth radio sticker for your car's back
window's corner.

The 15th and last GAS Tax meeting with Governor Haslam was the best attended,
he said and your input is still wanted at

It was refreshing to hear truth talk from the Governor when he admits it is
hard to get interested in financing projects like roads that take 12 to 16 years
to complete because you are out of office before you get to cut the ribbon.

WBCR appreciates Governor Haslam coming to the taxpayers for
their input and direction. Next year is an election year for all the house members
and 1/3 of the State Senate, this subject needs to be broadly discussed.
The last time this was done was under the Alexander Administration in the

The problem's we have with getting the federal government to restore
the 18.4 cents per gallon tax we pay are preventing the road construction
projects from proceeding on time according to Commissioner Schorer.

The solution should go back to the original intention as Senator McNally of
Oak Ridge pointed out and that was the 21.cents per gallon of state tax
should be spent as close to the source of the payer as possible,
and that Federal tax be spent on Federal Roads and State money on
State roads. That way when we have a disfunctional government the
taxpayers will know who to hold accountable.

A list of listener's state legislators is included in the write text of this news story
on WBCR's Blog at triple w dot truthradio dot tv at the end of this report as well as
all the talking point slides presented by governor Haslem's team making the presentation
at Lenoir City.

Everyone realizes that cars get better miliege so fewer gas taxes are paid,
and TDOT made a big issue out of only spending 10 percent on Administration,
Field Operations, Equipment & Facility, while 90 % goes to Construction,
Maintenance and Grants.

However they report spending $32 million in current projects in Lenoir City
area with $426 million of unfunded phases in those and other projects.
If they are anything like the rediciulous, Mark Johnson by pass, of what used to be the
Auto Motor Mile is a perfect example of inefficieny in management of
resources and priorities.

Which needs to be part of the change that will bring decision making closer to
home, where gas taxes paid need to stay, with local elected officials and state legislators,
managing the tax revenue stream with a regional TDOT construction project management
team funded by the local gas tax revenue stream from state and federal taxes paid.

Otherwise we will see more of what has already happened with the loss of a half million
dollars from our road maintenance funding in Blount county when the state took
our cable licensing authority to Nashville and this past year they took the beer board
authority as well and are stripping local government of resources and authority.

Thank you for shopping with our Voice of Champion Sponsors and telling your county
commissioner and school board member who you are and what you expect of them.
This is Freida for Truth radio News.