Thursday, September 11, 2014

Memphis Illegals Getting Passports Day ONE in USA

Memphis giving Illegals Passports

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August NEWS - Maryville's Good OLE Boys

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Maryville City Council  enables beer drinking bikers to violate ordinances, while women and children in crisis pregnancies or homeless are without their support.

In the Winter of 2013 Maryville's Mayor Tom Taylor's council rejected the invitation, by 24 year organiser of the Prayer Chain for Life to Co-Sponsor the event so
it could continue praying within the new "free speech zone'' of 250 feet from the intersections to Lamar's Parkway.

If you have not participated you are invited as a matter of fact every church in Blount County for 24 years has been sent an invitation every in August to join the Prayer Chain on Lamar's Parkway inviting them to PRAY JUST ONE HOUR, between two and three pm on the first Sunday in October.

Only now it is called a Prayer Meeting because the City Council Ordinance prohibits Praying within 250 feet of the intersections.  However when the biker's "Hog Ralley" wants to carry open beer containers from one end of  downtown Maryville on Broadway to the other, Mayor Tayor Council will co-sponsor the event so they can violate the City's ordinance.  But when the Pray Chain asked them to co-sponsor Prayer they
refursed,  saying the risk is to great.  Apparently Mayor Taylor and his Council believe drinking beer
is better for Maryville than praying for mother's and their unborn in crisis pregnancies.

If your Pastor hasn't shared the invitation with your church to participate in this year's 24th Annual Prayer Meeting for Life and you would like an invitation call 984-1470.

The hypocritical actions of Mayor Taylor's Council doen't stop there unfortunately, last month the fund raising Yard Sales for the Heaven Sent Homes for women and men were ticketed by the Maryville Codes enforcement because they are only allowed two yard sales a year at any address in the city.

The Heaven Sent Homes have operated on donations from these yard sales and a couple of churches for 12 years sheltering up to 15 women and their children,
plus 7 men in their own home helping them get their lives together.

In 2012 the Maryville City Council and Mayor changed the ordinance on yard sales saying you can only have two yard sales per address per year. However they changed the ordinance for the Saturday Morning Farmers Market at Plantation Square on Broadway proving they can make exceptions when they want to.

If you would like to support the Heaven Sent Homes for the homeless call Currently only two churches are supporting these homes on a monthly basis, The Lords Desciples, pastor David Hutsell and New Hope Baptist , pastor Mike Parker.  Mount Vista Baptist, Jerry Mantooth, pastor  is organizing a yard sale for the Heaven Sent Homes October 16 and 17 and if you could donate to that event call for more information 982-6070 before bringing anything to the church. The address for monetary donations is Heaven Sent Homes P.O. Box 7054 Maryville, TN 37802.

So editorially speaking what have we learned about Maryville's City Council policies? They are willing to   accepting the liability risk of supporting beer drinking bike riders, and farmers on Broadway as long as they stay on the plantation.  But they are unwilling to accept the liability risk of praying for those in crisis pregnancies or helping the homeless.

This is Freida for Truth Radio NEws AM 1470 Blount County's ONLY Locally owned media bringing you 24/7 Blount County NEWS,Weather with
FREE weather TEXT ALERTS and Friday night High School sports scores by texting am 1470, to eigthy nine eight hundred .

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Radioactive Flouride

Fluoridated Water 

Another Hidden Source of Radioactive Polonium

 You can also consume polonium by drinking fluoridated water, courtesy of the fluorosilicic acid used. While pharmaceutical grade fluoride is a harmful-enough drug, this is not the type of fluoride being added to drinking water. If it was, at least then it would be a pure, uncontaminated form. Rather the fluoride that is typically used to fluoridate local water supplies is a frequently contaminated chemical byproduct created during the phosphate fertilizer manufacturing process. It's a concentrated, highly toxic chemical riddled with hazardous impurities, making it extremely expensive to safely dispose of when not sold for profit as a water additive. Uranium and radium are two known carcinogens found in fluorosilicic acid used for water fluoridation, and polonium-210 is one of two decay products of uranium. Furthermore, polonium decays into stable lead-206, which also has significant health risks—especially in children—and research has indeed shown that drinking fluoridated water increases lead absorption in your body. Back in 1983, the Deputy Administrator of the EPA Office of Water, Rebecca Hanmer, summarized and defended the EPA's policy on adding toxic fluoride to drinking water in the following manner,10 which is quite telling once you know where the fluoride comes from, and the origins of the idea behind water fluoridation as a public health policy: "In regard to the use of fluosilicic (fluorosilicic) acid as a source of fluoride for fluoridation, this agency regards such use as an ideal environmental solution to a long-standing problem. By recovering by-product fluosilicic acid from fertilizer manufacturing, water and air pollution are minimized, and water utilities have a low-cost source of fluoride available to them." [Emphasis mine]

 Phosphate Fertilizers Also Used in GMO

Agriculture Phosphate fertilizers linked to lung cancer in smoker

 via the route of inhaling the smoke from contaminated tobacco leaves, are also used on food crops. Granted, food-borne polonium may be absorbed and react differently in your body than that in tobacco smoke. Still, as stated by the International Atomic Energy Agency,14 internal exposure, which is more or less the only dangerous form, does occur primarily through food, water, and inhaling contaminated air. So it's possible that you might be exposed to greater levels of this (and other) radioactive elements than was previously thought, through the aggressive use of phosphate fertilizers in food production. While we may not be able to estimate the potential cancer risk from contaminated foods, and GMOs in particular, research has shown that dietary calcium phosphate has a detrimental effect on your gut health. According to a 2002 study in the Journal of Nutrition:15 "Most Gram-positive bacteria are susceptible to the bactericidal action of fatty acids and bile acids. Because dietary calcium phosphate (CaP(i)) lowers the intestinal concentration of these antimicrobial agents, high CaP(i) intake may enhance intestinal colonization of Gram-positive pathogens and the subsequent pathogenesis." Interestingly, the adverse effect of dietary calcium phosphate was found to be dependent on the type of dietary fat consumed. In rats given diets containing corn oil, the calcium phosphate stimulated colonization of pathogenic bacteria, whereas this adverse effect was not found in animals given a diet with milk fat. There are many drawbacks to conventional fertilizers, and radioactive food can perhaps be added to that list (with or without radioactive fallout from Japan, which is a whole other story). While modern agricultural methods may appear to be the most cost effective and efficient strategy at first glance, it quickly becomes one of the most costly ways to produce food once you take into account the environmental and human health consequences. There Are Better Alternatives Modern fertilizer consists of varying amounts of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). But both phosphorus and potassium, neither of which can be synthesized, are becoming increasingly sparse.16 According to the Swedish-run Global Phosphorus Research Initiative,17 we could hit "peak phosphorus" as early as 2030. Without these fertilizer ingredients, the entire world would quickly be in trouble—unless we change our ways, that is. And there are more than a few good reasons for making a U-turn back toward time-tested biological growing methods. Calcium phosphate, mined primarily in the Western Sahara, Saskatchewan or Florida, typically contains polonium and that's the type of NPK fertilizer typically used on tobacco fields. Ammonium phosphate is typically used in the growing of GMO crops, and as mentioned earlier, the toxic byproduct from that process is fluorosilicic acid, used for water fluoridation. Now, it's possible that ammonium phosphate has very little polonium, since it tends to end up in the fluoride (and hence drinking water around the US). But it all has to end up somewhere... As I've started writing about lately, biological agriculture can be profoundly efficient, out-performing virtually any conventional farming strategy, including genetic engineering. I've been implementing organic, biological farming strategies in my own garden, and the leaves on some of my plants, like fruit trees (limes, figs, mango, orange, tangerine, cherries, peach, plum, and banana), have a number of leaves that are literally 300 to 400 percent bigger than the typical leaf of these plants. You wouldn't even imagine that a leaf could grow this big—all without ANY chemicals, just using strategies that optimize soil health, such as using rock dust powders, compost teas and biochar. These strategies seem to maximize the hidden genetic potential of the plants. Sustainable Soil Science to the Rescue Earlier this year, I interviewed Dr. Elaine Ingham, an internationally recognized expert on the benefits of sustainable soil science. I also visited her at her new position at the Rodale Institute in Pennsylvania. According to Dr. Ingham and other soil experts, a key component of successful agriculture lies in having the right helper organisms in the soil; beneficial species of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, beneficial nematodes (not the weedfeeders), microarthropods, and earthworms—all of which contribute to plant growth in a number of different ways. Nutrient cycling is another major issue. According to Dr. Ingham, there's no soil on Earth that lacks the nutrients to grow a plant. She believes the concept that your soil is deficient and needs added phosphorus or nitrogen, etc. in order to grow plants is seriously flawed, and largely orchestrated by the chemical companies, because it's based on looking at the soluble, inorganic nutrients that are partly present in your soil. The real nutrition your plants require is actually derived from microorganisms in the soil. These organisms take the mineral material that's in your soil and convert it into a plant-available form. Without these bioorganisms, your plants cannot get the nutrients they need. So what you need is not more chemical soil additives, what you need is the proper balance of beneficial soil organisms. According to Dr. Ingham: "It's very necessary to have these organisms. They will supply your plant with precisely the right balances of all the nutrients the plant requires. When you start to realize that one of the major roles and functions of life in the soil is to provide nutrients to the plants in the proper forms, then we don't need inorganic fertilizers. We certainly don't have to have genetically engineered plants or to utilize inorganic fertilizers if we get this proper biology back in the soil. If we balance the proper biology, we select against the growth of weeds, so the whole issue with herbicides is done away with. We don't need the herbicides if we can get the proper life back into the soil and select for the growth of the plants that we want to grow and against the growth of the weedy species." Interestingly enough, you can use a starter culture to boost the fermentation and generation of beneficial bacteria much in the same way you can boost the probiotics in your fermented vegetables. For compost, this strategy is used if you want to compost very rapidly. In that case, you can use a starter to inoculate the specific sets of organisms that you need to encourage in that compost. For optimal physical health, you need plant foods to contain the full set of nutrients that will allow the plant to grow in a healthy fashion, because that's the proper balance of nutrients for us human beings as well. Dr. Ingham has written several books on this topic, including The Field Guide for Actively Aerated Compost Tea, and The Compost Tea Brewing Manual.